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Çeşmeköy is a sustainable living project located in Çeşme.

In addition to being a boutique hotel, restaurant and event venue surrounded by a forest with a magnificent sea view, it offers a unique experience for guests of all tastes with meals prepared mostly with self-grown and locally sourced ingredients, and with rustic and minimalist rooms in a lush forest overlooking the sea.


Located within 15 decares of forest land, Cesmekoy brings the serenity of being within nature far away from the city, while actually being only 10 minutes away from Cesme center.

Cesmekoy offers various accomodation options throughout the year for individuals or groups, as well as indoor and outdoor yoga areas, a playground for children, a shop, workshop spaces and a restaurant.


In addition, with a 2 acre grass area with sea view, along with an entire forest and garden, it offers a unique location for festival, special events, yoga camps, workshops and other activities.

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