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The dictionary defines roots as "the part of the body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture." But it also means essence, foundation, constitution, source, provenance; shortly, the totality of all spiritual forces that tie oneself to a particular place or time.


The root is like the brain of a plant; it serves to tie the stem, leaves and flower to the soil, transferring water and dissolved nutrients to its body. Every root is specific to its plant, taking shape according to the plant's particular needs. Some grow horizontally while some grow vertically underground. Some form nodes, some are woody, and some are fimbriated. Most of them are under the surface, but some are above ground as well. They also undergo further changes according to the age of plant, weather or the changes in ambient conditions.

Just like people...


Even though we are somewhat disconnected and detached from our own natures, we humans also retain our roots, just like plant do. We carry centuries of accumulated information within our gene pool. Our roots also change according to life conditions brought forth in time; leading towards different places or existences. If we nourish our psyche as well as our bodies with healthy ingredients, these roots carry forward this health to our body, mind and soul. The more these sources are polluted, the more contaminated their results become.

"Kokten" aims to reflourish the cleanest sources that nature provides us, since the beginning of time. Miraculous sun-kissed plants are grown from ancient seeds in the ways that nature leads us; feed our souls as well as our bodies. Our crops grown with love and care in our gardens become the stars of our kitchen. Products prepared from raw materials that are grown traditionally by local farmers take their place in our store, always with emphasis on "quality" over "quantity". Workshops and training sessions that we organize with nature-friendly producers, kitchens and healty-living professionals reveal pieces of the ancient wisdom hidden in each single seed, carried forward from generation to generation.

"Kökten", which develops under the peaceful, calm and happy roof of Cesmekoy, reunites us with our roots. Are you ready to fundamentally "rediscover your essence"?



You can purchase Kokten Cesmekoy products from our sales point at Cesmekoy.

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